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Let’s Talk! Promotions provides the following services. Please contact us for pricing information or with questions.

Blog Tours

Are you ready to spread the word about your books? Whether they’re upcoming, new, or previous releases, we can organize blog tours for you!

Tours are designed for your book, with differing timeframes to fit your needs.

Tours may include a combination of reviews, interviews, guest posts, and giveaways, so think about what you’d like to do, and how many – especially for the interviews and guest posts.

Cover Reveals

If you’re not ready for a full-scale blog tour, we can organize a cover reveal where blogs will share your not-yet-released cover, blurb, purchase links, and author info (photo, bio, social media links) – all on the same date.

Street teams

Another way to get the word out about your books is via your fans! We can set up street teams for you, using Facebook groups to gather members and manage activities. We’ll create a banner for your team’s facebook group, manage the team for six weeks, and transition the team over to your appointed admin. Don’t worry, we’re not leaving you completely, we’ll also provide support (answer questions, offer suggestions, etc.) for six months – and it’s all included in the fee.

Beta Reading Services

Want more than just editing? We’ll beta-read your manuscript and provide feedback at $1.50 per page. Any genre, except non-fiction.


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