Who is LTP?

mindy & audreyWe are Audrey and Mindy, two avid readers and bloggers who’ve pooled our skills together to venture into the world of promotions!

Audrey (right) spent almost 20 years in IT before leaving the technical realm though she still works with ERP applications. She hasn’t stopped reading since she discovered Charlotte’s Web in third grade, and reviews books on her blog drey’s library, when she has time to read. Audrey stays busy with her job, family and friends, LTP, blogging, volunteering, and soon, graduate school.

Mindy‘s (left) worked in a hazardous waste lab, where under the sign for the Right To Know law, was added: if you can figure it out. She’s been a metals tech, bakery clerk, professional gardener, and taught human anatomy and ran two University greenhouses. Along the way she picked up her Master’s Degree in Biology, specializing in the population genetics of an endangered plant. She’s also a top breeder, handler, and trainer of English Springer Spaniels, with three in the equivalent of the National Club’s (ESSFTA) hall of fame. Every time she thinks she knows dogs, another dog comes along and proves her beliefs are totally wrong.

Mindy’s George Knows – featuring egotistical, fabulous, basset hound familiar George – was recently published, and her Zombies, a Love Story short story is available in the Rotting Tales anthology.

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